Cowes East Heritage Walk Phillip Island

Discovering Phillip Island’s history through this self guided walk.

91 Thompson Avenue, Cowes

Cowes East Heritage Walk

Description : During the self guided walk of Cowes East Heritage Walk you will discover Phillip Island heritage sites including the parish hall, butcher shop, bakery, guesthouses, farms and old post office.

Location and Entrance: Starting point is at the Cowes Visitor Information Centre - 97 Thompson Avenue, Cowes

Length and approximate time to complete:

Length/Time: 3km one way / 1½ hours walking one way

Quick Facts:

  • Difficulty - Easy with made pathways 
  • Toilets - Cowes Visitor Centre, in main Council building
  • Designated Accessible Toilets - Yes
  • Parking - Cowes Visitor Centre sealed car park behind main Council building 
  • Designated Accessible Parking - Yes 
  • Wheelchairs - Suitable
  • Prams -Yes
  • Bicycles - Yes
  • Dogs - Yes

Brochure: Click here to download a brochure

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