Diving in Phillip Island & the Western Port Phillip Island

The waters of Bass Coast and around Phillip Island provide a myriad of choice for experienced and beginner divers and snorkelers and are worthy as a bucket list item for any water enthusiast.

2 Beach Crescent, Phillip Island, Victoria

Diving in Phillip Island & the Western Port

The crisp and pristine waters of Western Port which surround Phillip Island feature many outstanding scuba diving sites. Divers flock to the Island to descend the clear, deep waters rich in exciting sea life and reefs.

Some sites are widely known, such as the Pinnacles, which consist of two vertical spires of rock rising from the depths to within 8 metres of the surface. Covered with sponges, zoanthids, gorgonian fans and a variety of soft corals, the pinnacles are surrounded by schools of fish, and often visited by large pelagics. It is definitely one of Victoria’s premier dive sites.

The George Kermode makes for a superb wreck dive. Approximately one nautical mile south of Cunningham Bay, the vessel is completely intact, upside down on its superstructure. It is still in excellent condition and is easy to penetrate. Originally scuttled to form an artificial reef for temperate fish life, the wreck is more than 100 metres long. 

The George Kermode was a bucket dredge of 1,380 tonnes, known as the Sit William Matthew when she was built in 1914 for the Ceylon Government, Colombo. After being acquired by the Australian Government in 1917 and then the Melbourne Harbour Trust in 1941, she was scuttled on April Fool’s Day 1976, off the southern coast of Phillip Island by Department of Fisheries and Wildlife to form an artificial reef for fish.. She lies upside-down in about 20m of water, coming up off the bottom to nearly 12m in some places. Being so shallow compared to most of the wrecks accessible out of Port Phillip Bay you get plenty of time to explore.

It is located at 38,31'12'S 145,14'38"E roughly 1.4k SSE from the centre of Cunningham Bay (Siberia Corner of Phillip Island Circuit) in about 20 metres of water.

Although technically not a Phillip Island shipwreck, it provides both excellent fishing and diving opportunities.


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