Where can I walk my dog Phillip Island, San Remo and Bass Coast

In all public places in Bass Coast (other than those in private ownership) dogs must be on a lead at all times, unless in a designated off-leash area.

Description: Where and when you can walk dogs on Bass Coast beaches and public reserves is restricted for the protection of native wildlife and for the amenity of other visitors.  There are regular patrols to make sure that dogs are registered and on a leash. Also, please do the right thing and pick up after your dog.

Quick Facts:  For detailed information on where you can walk your dog please visit the Bass Coast Shire Council website: Where can I walk my dog

Quick Maps: Please use the links below to view detailed maps of where you can walk your dog.

Phillip Island: Map

Inverloch: Map

Coronet Bay: Map

Corinella: Map

Tenby Point: Map

Grantville: Map

San Remo: Dogs should be walked on leads unless in a designated off leash area.  

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