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If you are passionate about surfing then Full Circle is your next stop! Stocking a wide range of boards, clothing and accessories for all your surfing needs.

115 Marine Parade, San Remo, Victoria, Australia

Location: Full Circle has two shops. One located in Cape Woolamai and the other in San Remo

Description: Fullcircle was started in 1984 a collaboration between Russell Francis and Shaena Tantau who had both shared similar history's in manufacturing and design. Russell had started out with Ripcurl glassing and shaping in its infancy in the late 60's when Torquay was spawning the start of its global surf companies. We give our customers an endless choice from the very beginner to the discerning competitor the very latest designs in the world are on show. 

  • Surfwear clothing
  • Surfboards
  • Womens swimwear
  • Wesuits
  • Accessories

Trading Hours: Click on our Facebook page for details



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