Inverloch Anderson Inlet Beaches Inverloch

Anderson Inlet's popularity is hinged on the almost-enclosed bay, making it a protected beach with safe swimming.

Ramsey Boulevard, Inverloch, Victoria.

Description: Three beaches lie along the town foreshore inside the inlet, all backed by a foreshore reserve, with car park access and numerous facilities.The first Inverloch Beach is located nearly 3km inside the inlet and only receives very low waves when the tide is coming in or none at all. This beach can be accessed from The Esplanade past the Inverloch Jetty and Boat Ramp and is a popular recreational boating area. The second beach is located nearly 2km inside the inlet entrance and the third beach runs west of Point Hughes and is also steep, narrow and backed by seawalls along much of its length.

Beach Facts:

  • Popular for swimmers kayaking, kite surfing, beach games and boating. 
  • Parking- Car parking is available 
  • Food- Cafes, restaurants and supermarkets are located close by in the township of Inverloch 

Beach Safety:

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