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An uplifting, immersive and visually stunning attraction dedicated to a different aspect of surfing culture, awaits your presence at The Islantis Surf Experience.

10-12 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven, Victoria

Location: Situated at Newhaven on the Phillip Island road in the Big Wave Complex.

Description: Islantis has always been an icon of surfing culture on Phillip Island.  Since the first hardy pioneers of the waves trekked across farmland to discover hidden breaks, the location of the Islantis shop has been at the heart of surfing Phillip Island.  Today Islantis has evolved to become The Islantis Surf Experience.  

  • Shrine to surfing
  • 360°, wrap around cinema
  • Sandman Secrets
  • Over 50 surf boards on display

Admission charges: Click here for prices

Trading hours: Call 1300 366 422 for details.

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