Kilcunda Beaches Kilcunda

Kilcunda has three south-south-west facing sandy beaches.


Description: The three beaches consist of narrow, high tide sand beaches, bordered by more prominent bluffs and are fronted by near continuous intertidal rock flats. At low tide, the sand is high and dry and only a few channels in the rocks provide access to the water. There is a caravan park on the bare bluffs between the town and the coast, and three small platform beaches located either side of the caravan park. The first two are accessible from the caravan park, while the third, Shelly, has a separate car track leading to it from the Bass Highway. The beaches are dominated by the surrounding rock, which should be treated with caution if swimming, particularly if there is any surf.

Beach Facts:

  • These beaches may have strong rips and currents and may not patrolled by Lifesavers. For more information visit
  • Popular with fisherman and surfers
  • Amenities- None
  • Food- A cafe and restaurant is located in the township of Kilcunda
  • Access- Gravel car parking is located near the bridge in Kilcunda

Beach Safety:

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