Kitty Miller Bay Walk Phillip Island

Explore the remnants of the old ' SS Speke' shipwreck on the Kitty Miller Bay walk.

Kitty Miller Road, Phillip Island, Victoria

Description : This walk takes you to the site of the wreck of the ‘ SS Speke’, which ran aground on Phillip Island's coast in 1906.  Unfortunately much of the shipwreck has disappeared over the years and is hardly visible.  This walk is best done at low tide as access is limited at other times.

Location and Entrance : Start from the Kitty Miller Bay car park at the end of Kitty Miller Road and walk left along the beach and rock platform.  

Length and approximate time to complete:

  • Length/Time - 2km return / 1 hour walking return

Quick Facts:

  • Difficulty - Difficult
  • Surface - The track is not well defined with beach sand, rock, clay, slippery surfaces, and cliff edges
  • Parking - Kitty Miller Bay car park (sealed)
  • Designated Accessible Parking - No
  • Toilets - No
  • Wheelchairs - Unsuitable
  • Prams - No
  • Bicycles - No
  • Dogs - No
  • Picnic table/BBQ - No

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