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Victoria’s first National Surfing Reserve was launched on Phillip Island on 16 March 2013. The reserve is made up of four sites along Phillip Island’s coast.

Description:  Phillip Island is a unique, world–class destination, with a proud surfing history dating back to the 1920s. The Surf Lifesaving Club was established in 1959 and the Boardriders Club began in 1963, holding Victoria’s first professional contest that summer.  The Phillip Island National Surfing Reserve recognises that the ‘Island’ is special for its Aboriginal and natural values. All surfers must play a role in protecting these.  The philosophy of National Surfing Reserves is to ‘care, share and preserve’.  

Beach Facts: The reserve is made up of four sites along Phillip Island’s coast.

  • Woolamai - for the ever-changing world-class beach breaks.
  • Smiths Beach - for the Island’s premier barrelling reef break and the mellower waves where many grommets experience their first wave.
  • Summerland - The ‘birthplace’ of Island surfing with iconic reef breaks that work in the largest of swells.
  • Cat Bay - for the high quality left and right hand reef breaks that allow surfing when other south-facing Island beaches have onshore winds.
  • Download a brochure: National Surfing Reserve Book (8mg)

Beach Safety:

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