Old Poppet Head, Wonthaggi Wonthaggi

Wondering where that whistle sound comes from everyday? Now located in Apex Park, in central Wonthaggi is the whistle that once signalled the change in shifts across the entire coalfields.

Apex Park, Murray Street, Wonthaggi, Victoria

Location: The Poppet Head was relocated from Kirrak Area airshaft (No.24 Shaft) that closed in 1968 to Apex Park, Murray Street in the 1950's.

Description: The current structure replaced a similarly designed structure made from 25 metres high round poles in 1972. 24 such structures, varying from 20-25 metres high were built over Wonthaggi coalfields shafts.The mine whistle, made by Danks & originally housed at the powerhouse, has a sister whistle, made for the Titanic, at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Time: The whistle blows daily at 12 noon. 



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