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Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate is a celebration of all things chocolate, with interactive machines to play with, fascinating facts and the ability to make your own chocolate on the spot.

930 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven, Victoria

Location: Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate is situated at Newhaven on Phillip Island road.

Description: This is an interactive experience of all things chocolate with a series of experiences, each dedicated to another facet of the story of chocolate. Visitors embark on a self guided exploration of the wonders that come from the humble cocoa bean. Panny’s café sells the most amazing meals, drinks and snacks all with a chocolate theme. 

  • Worlds largest chocolate waterfall
  • Delicious chocolates and treats 
  • One tonne chocolate challenge
  • Panny’s amazing chocolate machine
  • See chocolatiers at work
  • Interactive window displays
  • Panny’s retail shop
  • Café with delicious food and drinks

Admission charges: Click here for prices.

Trading hours: Call 1300 366 422 for details.

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