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We're all about making the cosmos more familiar to everyone of any age or background. Come with an open mind and I'm sure you'll have fun!


Location: Phillip Island Observatory is located in the seaside town of Rhyll.

Description: Stargazing under the cover of night, enjoy a guided tour of our wonderful southern sky.  Planetarium, be immersed in 360 degree high definition movies.  Sun gazing, using our Solar Max 11 APO triplet you can safely look at the sun in Hydrogen Alpha wavelengths. Astrophotography, I specialise in deep space photography and can provide lessons.  All tours must be pre booked.

  • Day & Night activities
  • Guided tours
  • Deep space photography lessons
  • Stargazing
  • Planetarium
  • Sun gazing
  • Astrophotography

Tour Reservations: Call directly to book at tour.

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