The Gurdies Nature Conservation Reserve Grantville

Located on the Bass Hwy, the 260 hectare reserve is a great place for viewing the area’s flora and fauna including a wide variety of eucalyptus, orchids, kangaroos and wombats.

1142 Bass Highway, The Gurdies, Victoria

Description: The Reserve is 260 hectares with multiple walking tracks and represents some of the largest remaining areas of native vegetation on the eastern shore of Western Port and is home to a variety of animals and birdlife. 

Location: Bass Highway or Dunbabbin Road, The Gurdies

Length and approximate time to complete:

  • Length/Time - Various
  • Circuit - 5.8km / 1½ hours

Quick Facts:

  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Track surface - Sand, gravel
  • Parking - Bass Highway car park (sealed) or Dunbabbin Road car park (unsealed)
  • Designated Accessible Parking - No
  • Toilets - No
  • Wheelchairs - Unsuitable
  • Prams - No
  • Bicycle - Yes, mountain bike riding is permitted on tracks that are vehicle width
  • Dogs - No
  • Horses - Horses may use vehicle-width tracks south of and including the central management track.
  • Picnic table/BBQ - Picnic table only

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