Wonthaggi Wind Farm Wonthaggi

Wonthaggi Wind Farm is located 3 kilometres from Wonthaggi. It has six wind turbines, with a total generating capacity of 12MW of electricity.

Campbell Street, Wonthaggi, Vic Australia

Wonthaggi Wind Farm

Your first glimpse of the wind farm is from the hills of Kilcunda as you drive east into Bass Coast, not accessible by foot but marvel in their sustainability as you pass through the Shire.

The Wonthaggi Wind Farm has 6 turbines and was constructed by REpower Australia for Wind Power Pty Ltd (now part of Origin Energy) and completed in December 2005.

The Wind Farm produces 34,400 MWh per annum (ie 12MW capacity x 8760hours x 33% capacity factor x 98% reliability) and supplies 6,400 households in Wonthaggi.  

This saves greenhouse gas equivalent to 47,830 tonnes (ie 12MW capacity x 8760 hours x 33% capacity x 88% reliability factor x 1.3).



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